Production & Quality Control

Quality Control

The brand Laxmi Bhog Atta has an Agmark certification, which is a synonym of good quality. We produce ‘A’ grade atta from a 10 chakki plant using modern techniques so as to give the consumer the best of the quality. Each lot of atta produced goes through rigorous tests in our in-house laboratory.

The major determinant ensuring the quality of the atta is the quality of the raw material used i.e. wheat. Therefore sincere efforts are put into the process of procurement of wheat. The purchasing of wheat is done from various Rural Markets in Rajasthan through reliable agents who have been trained over the time to make the best quality of raw material reach us.

The product Agmark Laxmi Bhog Besan was launched in November, 2004. The success of the product has been quite progressive and it has been able to capture a very decent amount of market share within a short span.

There are four types of varieties produced by us.

  • Laddu Motiya Special: For making laddus, choorma, besan ke ghatte, moongthal etc.
  • Kadi Pakoda Special: For making kadi-pakoda, mysore paak, mirchi badaa, panner pakoda etc.
  • Khaman Dhokla Special: For making khaman dhokla, baareek sev, sohan papdi, Gujrati kadi etc.
  • Mota Besan Special: For making churma, besan ki chakki etc.

The above mentioned product, besan, is a very quality sensitive product. The 4 types of varieties produced by us are used for making different kind of food products ranging from mithasi (sweets) to namkeens and dhokala. A little variation in the quality of the besan can totally spoil the end product. The halwai’s (sweet maker) who are the bulk consumers of besan are very conscious about the quality and purity of the besan. So we have installed the most modern of besan producing techniques giving the finest quality of besan with consistency and also retaining its natural smell.

The raw material for besan i.e. channa dal is procured from the Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan which known for its channa quality all over India.

Here I would like to bring your attention to the fact that besan market in Rajasthan is quite corrupted when it comes to the besan quality. The raw material prices being quite high the besan manufacturers here tend to opt for various kinds of adulterants so as to keep the selling price lower and to retain good margins.

In contrast to the present scenario, our company has emerged as a winner only and only because of the purity of our product. Initially being criticized by our competitors and retailers, for our challenge to sell non adulterated besan at premium price, soon the market realized the worth of our pure product and accepted it followed by great appreciation for the genuine.

Our current production capacity is 1500 Quintals/Day for Atta and 400 Quintals/Day for Besan.

Marketing & Pricing

A distinct feature of our product line is that the raw materials used i.e. wheat & chanaa dal are both quite price sensitive. The market is all time fluctuating, the result of which is seen on the prices of our product, which we are bound to revise frequently.

Today we are proud to be one of the strongest Retail Supply Chain systems in Jaipur, which is major reason for our products success. We serve directly to 3600 retail counters in Jaipur through our sales team of focus oriented 20 people. At Laxmi Bhog, we believe in providing the best of quality at the lowest price. Our endeavor is always to keep the overhead costs to minimum because it’s the consumer who ultimately has to bare these costs. And we consider it unfair charging extra from the consumer, for a product which is inseparable in North Indian diet.