Our Products

  • Laxmi Bhog Whole Wheat Atta

    The brand Laxmi Bhog Atta has an Agmark certification, which is a synonym of good quality. We produce ‘A’ grade atta from a 10 chakki plant using modern techniques so as to give the consumer the best of the quality. Each lot of atta produced goes through rigorous tests in our in-house laboratory.

  • Laxmi Bhog Besan

    The product Agmark Laxmi Bhog Besan was launched in November, 2004. The success of the product has been quite progressive and it has been able to capture a very decent amount of market share within a short span. Besan, is a very quality sensitive product. The 4 types of varieties produced by us are used for making different kind of food products ranging from mithasi (sweets) to namkeens and dhokala. A little variation in the quality of the besan can totally spoil the end product.