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Company History & Director’s Profile

In 1986, 26 year old Naresh left his village Zandiala Guru. It was terrorism in Punjab that made him leave their well established family business of Cotton & Edible oil. The very business into which he had put in every thing since the age of 16 after having to let go of his studies due to the economic condition of his family. The same business that he; with his hard work had turned into a success story. With hope he headed towards the capital city of Jaipur, with his wife three year old son and parents. There was one more thing that he carried with him SELF BELIEF.

Self belief alone never makes success stories, but back it up with hard work foresight and you have all the ingredients of a success story. This Naresh did, putting in more than 15hrs of work every day and daring to sell packaged atta under the brand of “Laxmi Bhog Atta” in an era when every one preferred having their own freshly ground atta from wheat grains.

Naresh set up Radha Soami Food Products on a rented land with a traditional atta chakki plant with a capacity of 5quintals/hour. The formative years were very tough for what he was fighting was the formidable “people’s mind set”. Those days’ people preferred freshly ground atta, but Naresh held strong and slowly but steadily the sales started picking up. As if this was not enough; he also had to face recession faced by the whole industry and some non-favourable government policies, but with his self-confidence and untiring efforts the company emerged a winner.

During this time Naresh was very a much a one many army, he was the one responsible for the entire supply chain. But that self belief he carried served him good. And today Naresh is Mr. Naresh Chopra a name to beckon with in the retail market of Jaipur and slowly spreading over other parts of Rajasthan also. The name is synonymous with principles and righteousness, people swear by Laxmi Bhog’s name.

Today Mr. Naresh Chopra is President of Jaipur Mini Flour Millers Association and Executive Secretary of Sitapura Industrial Area Association.

It is truly been a long Journey for Mr. Naresh Chopra from 1986 till today. A journey punctuated with a lot of hard work, a journey rewarded with success. A journey which still remains a journey…. For in his own words “Abhi bahut dur jaana hai (There is still a long way to go…..)”


  • 1986: Sets out on the journey towards his destiny
  • 1986: Sets Radha Soami Food Products with a production capacity of 5quintals/hour.
  • 1990: Laxmi Bhog Atta became the first atta brand in Rajasthan to get Agmark accreditation from the Govt. of India which is symbol of purity.
  • 1996: The Company shifted its production unit and office to Sitapura Industrial Area on its own land with an installed production capacity of 18quintals/hour.
  • 1996: Company’s legal status was changed from Proprietor firm to a Private Limited firm hence making it Radha Soami Food Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • 1996: Mr. Naresh Chopra and his father Mr. P.D. Chopra became the founder directors.
  • 2001: Laxmi Bhog Atta becomes the Market leader in Jaipur.
  • 2002: Production capacity increased to 30quintal/hour
  • 2005: Launches Laxmi Bhog Besan which against market prediction grabs significant market share.
  • 2005: Nipun Chopra joins his Father in the business as Executive Director.
  • 2006: Laxmi Bhog Besan becomes a house hold name and creates a niche for itself.
  • 2007: Laxmi Bhog Besan gets Agmark certification.
  • 2008: Launched a fourth variety of Besan – the Mota Besan Special.
  • 2010: Market share of Laxmi Bhog Besan achieves new height by doubling the sales since 2007.
  • 2013: Expanded the Atta production capacity from 950 quintals per day to 1450 quintals per day.
  • 2013: Introduced fully automatic packaging of 5 kg and 10 kg Atta in attractive new design of polyester bags.